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Everything you need to know about credit scores

Understanding Credit Scores: Applying With Home Service Financing

If you’re planning a home repair or improvement project, you’ll likely come across the question of your credit score when signing up for financing.

Here is everything you need to know about credit scores and how they can affect your financing options.

Why is the user asked to input their credit score upon signing up?

You’re prompted to input your credit score when signing up for financing to enable lenders to assess your creditworthiness, which doesn’t occur in the case of personal loans. In some cases, the system will require you to select a credit score range when setting up an account with D2C (direct-to-consumer) lenders.

However, if D2M (direct-to-merchant) lenders are active, the system performs a soft pull and doesn’t require you to choose a credit score range. It’s that simple.

Does the credit score feature filter out results?

No, it does not. Once the system performs the soft pull and retrieves the credit report information, lenders provide financing options based on income, credit score, payment history, and debt-to-income ratio. This means credit score is just one of the parameters that lenders consider while offering financing options. Your credit history would matter a lot if it was a personal loan.

Don’t worry – the credit score feature is only here to help you, not filter out results. There are various credit scoring models like FICO score and other credit mix, which is why it doesn’t filter out results.

What should the clients pick if they don’t know their credit score?

You’re not the only one – many people don’t know their exact credit score. But that’s okay! You can choose the higher credit score option available if you’re unsure of your credit score. Another thing you can do is consult with your bank, and they can check your credit accounts and credit reports and let you know where you fall between credit score ranges.

How does the credit score feature affect results?

Our system has multiple lenders, each with its underwriting filters and flexibility. According to your overall credit profile, the system will show you the financing options applicable to you. The better the credit profile, the more options and better rates you’ll get. Hence, maintaining a good credit profile is important for getting better financing options.


Credit score is an important factor when obtaining financing through Home Service Financing. The credit score feature helps lenders assess your creditworthiness and offer financing options that meet your needs and fall within your budget. While credit score is not the only factor considered, it does play a significant role. Not knowing your credit score isn’t a problem – choose the highest range available when setting up your account. We hope this guide helped you understand credit scores and how they affect your financing options. Thank you for choosing Home Service Financing!

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