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Offer Homeowners Financing So They Can Pay For Your Services
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Make your services more affordable by offering financing to homeowners with payments over 12 months to 15 years with zero prepayment penalties. Reach more homeowners and win more jobs by introducing flexible payment options to better serve them.

Customers enjoy the benefits of your services with affordable monthly payments while you get paid in full.


Studies show that homeowners who are offered financing options spend 25% more on home improvements. Our application process takes minutes to complete and offers on-the-spot approvals, showing the total amount of capital each customer is eligible to receive. Thereby, allowing you to confidently offer your premium services which they can finally afford to pay for.

The best part is you don’t have to cut into your margins to offer financing to customers that want great quality.

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With Home Service Financing, we offer direct-to-contractor payouts meaning you’ll spend zero time chasing homeowners and instead, focus on getting the next sale. As a contractor, you already know the challenges with homeowners not paying on time, as well as the cash flow issues this creates for your business.

Our financing solution pays you upfront and eliminates the headache of chasing payments, you have zero liability for defaulted loans, and we do all the work of collecting loan payments from homeowners.


We understand that generating new revenue is critical to growing your contracting business. Traditional financing institutions take forever to approve homeowners and even longer for funds to reach bank accounts, making it hard to predict your cashflow due to the delays.

When your customers use Home Service Financing to pay for your home improvement services, we guarantee funds within 48 hours via direct deposit. Our financing is fast, easy, and helps drive more revenue into your business.

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Why Choose Home Service Financing

Approvals for credit scores as low as 400!

Get approved for financing even with a credit score of 400 or lower!

The industries largest network of 300+ lenders!

Enjoy access to the industry's largest network of 300+ lenders for maximum convenience!

Smart dashboard

Take control of your finances with our easy-to-use smart dashboard!

Finance as little as $1,000 up to $100,000

Get the flexibility to finance as little as $1,000 or up to $100,000!

Get paid within 1-2 business days

Get paid within 1-2 days with our fast and secure payment system!

Support available 24/7

Get the support you need 24/7 with our experienced team of professionals!


How Home Service Financing Works for Your Customers

1. Pre-Qualify

Customer fills out easy online form to check for pre-qualified offers with no impact to their credit score.

2. Select Offer

Within 10-seconds, customer receives offers and compares options to select one that’s best for them.

3. Finish Application

Customer completes application process on their selected lender’s website within minutes.

4. Receive Funds

After loan approval, your customer’s funds are sent within 1-2 business days.

Our company was experiencing rapid growth, so we needed a rock solid platform to support us offering financing to homeowners, and Home Service Financing enabled us to reach new heights by closing more jobs.

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Customer, CEO
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When you sign up with us, you get your own custom link to put on your website. And your clients can directly apply for financing right from your website!

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The annual percentage rate, or APR, depicted on the Platform by various Lenders, depend on many factors, including: the Customer’s credit score, the amount of debt they currently have, their income, the amount of financing they wish to obtain, and many other factors. Customers can see rates as low as 0% and as high as 29.99% (and sometimes higher).

The Platform works like Expedia for Contractors. The Platform offers every type of home improvement loan available in the marketplace. Lenders are competing to get the Customer the best loan possible.

The duration of the loan, or term, that is depicted on the Platform by various Lenders, also depends on many factors, just like the APRs. Customers can see terms as short as 3 years, or as long as 15 years (or higher in some cases).

Customers will have instant access to over 300 Lenders that will fund directly to the applicant. This brings great advantages:

  • Options for applicants across the credit spectrum: prime to sub-prime
  • Secured and encrypted process, all online
  • No extensive paperwork on your end
  • Fast approvals and funding: 24 to 48 hours after applicant has provided all documents/info

Funding will take place within 24 to 48 hours after full approval, either using Wire or ACH directly to the Customer.

When Customers apply through the Platform, the Platform performs a soft pull for pre-qualification purposes. The Platform does not perform any hard-pull. After Customers choose one of the financing options listed, the chosen Lender may (or may not) perform a hard pull, depending on the Lender. Home Service Financing is great as a first look option if a Customer does not want to have their credit score pulled during the initial application process.

Customers can see financing options and get approvals with a FICO score as low as 400, subject to Lenders’ criteria, Customer’s credit worthiness, and ability to repay the loan.

Customers can see financing options for both secured and unsecured loans. Most financing options are unsecured. Home Equity Investment loans can also be enabled.

Contractors have been increasingly using Direct To Consumer (D2C) financing to reap the benefits of these types of loans. Having no dealer fees, financing for service and maintenance jobs, funding for mobile homes, and approvals for borrowers starting at 400 FICO score. Contractors are pre-approved to offer their Customers with consumer direct financing immediately, with no dealer documents required.

By simply taking a small deposit from the Customer and offering Home Service Financing for Customer to finance the balance, Contractors overwhelmingly secure that Customer and that new job.

Using the Platform is FREE to use for all of your Customers. However, we do charge contractors a small monthly fee and in some cases, a small loan fee may apply.

The Platform is extremely easy to use, both for the Customer as well as for the Contractor. The Contractor can text or email their Customer a link that immediately opens a financing application. If the Customer needs assistance, they can call the customer service number on the screen and they will take the Customer’s financing application over the phone, walk them through the entire application, and assist the Customer in selecting the best financing option, all the way to completion.

Contractors do not need to understand the complexities and intricacies of financing to enjoy the benefits of growth with Consumer Direct financing. Contractors simply need to email/text their link to their Customers and that is it. Contractor’s will be notified of the status of every application submitted by their Customers through the Platform.

The stipulation documents required for approval vary according to the lender, usually, lenders request the last 2-3 pay stubs, a bank statement, or linking the loan application with a bank account.

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