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Understanding the $99/month Fee for Home Service Financing

Why are you Paying the $99/Month Fee for Home Service Financing

In the world of home service financing, every dollar counts. One recurring cost that might have caught your eye is the $99/month fee. But what does this fee cover, and how does it benefit you as a contractor? For starters, we don’t charge extra for customer support, we get back to you within a day, if not by the hour. Now let’s unravel the mystery.

The Value Behind the $99/month Fee: Activating Your Portal

For just $99 a month, you get access to your unique Home Service Financing portal. Think of this portal as your personal finance command center. It’s where you’ll find all the tools and resources you need to manage your financing options and make informed decisions.

Superior Customer Service 24/7: Personalized Support, Quick Turnaround Times, and Direct Points of Contact

At Home Service Financing, we emphasize quick, personalized support. We ensure responses within a day, if not by the hour. Our team values your time, providing fast solutions to your needs. Plus, enjoy direct points of contact for hassle-free communication, whether it’s a call or an email. We’re here to facilitate your success around the clock.

Access to 300+ Lenders: A World of Options at Your Fingertips

Once your portal is activated, you instantly gain access to over 300 lenders. This means you have a vast range of potential financing options for your customers, increasing the chances of finding a perfect match for their needs.

Pre-approval Based Lending Options: Simplifying the Selection Process

Our platform takes the guesswork out of choosing a lender. It populates potential lending options based on pre-approval, so you can quickly identify the most suitable options for each homeowner.

Direct Contact with Lender: Streamlining the Verification and Application Process

When a homeowner selects a potential lending option, the corresponding bank or lender will reach out directly. This direct contact streamlines the verification and loan application process, saving you and the homeowner valuable time.

Direct to Consumer Lending: Approved and Ready to Go

With our platform, you’re already approved for Direct to Consumer lending options. This means you can submit loan applications right away, further speeding up the financing process.

Not a Customer Acquisition Cost: Facilitating the Conversion Process Instead

It’s important to note that the $99/month fee isn’t about bringing in new customers. Instead, it’s all about facilitating the conversion process. By providing a seamless, efficient financing process, you’re more likely to convert potential customers into actual clients.


In conclusion, the $99/month fee for Home Service Financing is an investment in your business’s growth and success. It opens up a world of lending options, simplifies the selection process, and streamlines verification and application procedures. All of these benefits are designed to facilitate the conversion process, turning prospects into paying customers. So, while it may seem like just another cost, remember that it’s actually a tool for your business’s growth.

Ready to take the next step? Start offering financing to homeowners in just 30 minutes for $99 with no contracts. Empower your business and your customers today!

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