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How To Add Your Sales Team To Your Account

Everything You Need To Know About Adding Your Sales Team To The Platform

We realize that you may be working with multiple sales people on your team and you want all of them to have access to the financing platform. Our platform allows teams of up to 10 users to create and manage financing applications quickly and easily. 

With our simple interface and automated processes, creating applications is straightforward and efficient. Plus, all team members can view the progress of each application in real-time for maximum transparency.

Follow these simple steps below to add your sales-people to the platform:

How To Add A Salesperson

You can add up to 10 users in your account with Home Service Financing. 

We recommend getting everyone from your sales team on to the platform.

  1. Log into your account by going to the link – https://app.homeservicefinancing.com/
  2. Go to Settings
  1. Then select “Users”
  1. Then click on “Add New User”

  1. Fill out this form and press “Create New User”

And there you have it.

Repeat this process and add as many people as you want. With one subscription, you can add up to 10 users.

To edit their information, email or password, click on modify user and you can make changes to the users account.

If you are having trouble, reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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