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What can you finance with HSF

Achieve Your Home Improvement Goals With Home Service Financing

Are you looking for a way to finance your home improvement project? Home Service Financing (HSF) can help you out! They offer flexible loan terms, competitive rates, and quick approvals, allowing you to quickly get started on turning the house of your dreams into reality. Borrow money with a home improvement loan and stop worrying about the terms and conditions of options like a personal loan or a home equity loan.

What is Home Service Financing?

Home Service Financing (HSF) is a financing platform that connects contractors with lenders, helping them finance home improvement projects for homeowners. It offers two types of loans: Direct-to-Consumer Lending (D2C) and Direct-to-Merchant Lending (D2M). Both these options provide tremendous flexibility when it comes to budgeting and payment terms so that homeowners can achieve their desired results without breaking the bank.

What You Can Finance with Home Service Financing

Home Service Financing can be used to finance a wide array of home improvement projects, including everything from interior renovation and design upgrades to exterior beautification projects. And home improvement loans are a much better option than personal loans or home equity loans. Here are some of the most common types of projects that HSF will finance:

Home Improvement Financing

  • Home Office Financing
  • Appliance Financing
  • Flooring Financing
  • Kitchen Cabinet Financing
  • Furniture Financing
  • Sauna Financing
  • Driveway Paving Financing
  • Garage Financing
  • Solar Panel Financing
  • Pool Financing

Home Remodel Financing

  • Bathroom Financing
  • Basement Financing
  • Basement Waterproofing Financing
  • Foundation Repair Financing
  • Crawl Space Repair Financing
  • Kitchen Financing
  • Home Office Financing

Home Repair Financing

  • Roof Financing
  • Plumbing Financing
  • HVAC Financing
  • Siding Financing

Alternative Housing Financing

  • ADU Financing
  • Duplex Financing
  • Manufactured Home Financing
  • Modular Home Financing
  • Post Frame Building Financing
  • Shipping Container Home Financing
  • Tiny Home Financing

More Financing Options

  • Green Loans
  • Pole Barn Financing
  • Horse Barn Financing
  • Landscape Financing
  • Hot Tub Financing
  • Fence Financing
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Home Service Financing provides an excellent opportunity for contractors or businesses who want to offer financing options to their clients interested in home improvements but do not have enough cash. With affordable monthly payments and competitive interest rates available through various lenders they partner with, HSF makes it easy and affordable to get started on home improvement projects without having to worry about breaking the bank or delaying a renovation due to lack of funds. 

Start offering financing to homeowners in as little as 30 minutes for $99 and no contract with Home Service Financing! 

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