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Introducing Home Service Financing: Offering More Than Just 0% APR Loans

Explore The Offers of Home Service Financing: 0% APR Loans and More

At Home Service Financing, we understand that providing a variety of payment options is crucial for meeting the diverse needs of our customers. While 0% Interest Loans (ZILs) have their benefits, relying solely on this option may limit flexibility. That’s why we believe in offering promotional financing, including deferred interest and low monthly payment plans. By doing so, we empower our customers to transform a simple project into their dream project while providing them with exceptional value.

Deferred Interest Financing: Perfect for Cash Buyers

Even though cash buyers have the ability to pay for their projects upfront, providing them with promotional financing options often leads to increased spending, especially when interest is not involved, contrary to a home equity loan or a personal loan.

What is a Deferred Interest Plan?

To defer means to postpone an event or action to a later time. With our deferred interest plan, your consumers won’t have to pay any interest if they pay off their purchase within a specified time frame, known as the promotional period.

Leverage Reduced APR Financing

For buyers seeking affordable monthly payments for home improvement projects, our longer-term, reduced APR plans are ideal. These customers prefer managing their financing based on their monthly budget, and our reduced APR financing helps them find a payment amount with their home improvement loan that aligns with both their financial constraints and their lifestyle.

Additionally, reduced APR plans can benefit your sales consultants by enabling them to close more deals and increase their average ticket size through upselling home improvements.

Why Limit Yourself to One Payment Option?

If you haven’t already considered Home Service Financing as one of your payment options, now is the time to take action. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your offerings and provide greater value to your customers. Start the process today by applying online!

Ready to take the next step? Start offering financing to homeowners in just 30 minutes for $99 with no contracts. Empower your business and your customers today!

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